"DOONESBURY": Next week’s abortion-law strips pulled by at least several papers

Yes, Virginia, there is a satire about transvaginal ultrasound laws.</p>
Next week, &ldquo;Doonesbury&rdquo; will tackle the ultrasound-before-abortion debate that has roiled Texas and Virginia and the nation in recent weeks, as lawmakers fought over a procedure deemed physically invasive and medically intrusive by some critics, who dubbed it &ldquo;state rape.&rdquo; Last month, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who opposes abortion, insisted upon revisions in legislation so the state would require only transabdominal ultrasounds prior to abortion. <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/comic-riffs/post/doonesbury-next-weeks-abortion-strips-pulled-by-at-least-one-paper/2012/03/06/gIQAyTLc1R_blog.html" target="_blank">Links</a></p>

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