We, the undersigned, wish to reassert our position and to remind the democratic advances made in the field of public health and equal opportunities.

Access to abortion is a right

The right to be master of one’s own body, to be free to choose one’s life, to continue a pregnancy (or not) and to decide alone (or with one’s partner). This is a fundamental right for women.

Abortion must be accessible to all women

This assumes a geographical, financial accessibility… as well as assistance for women and men who request it.

Information campaigns for all kinds of publics are necessary

In order to inform and to remove dramatization and feelings of guilt. Accesses to contraception and to abortion are public health and society issues.

Education of pupils and students

Sex education must be provided to all pupils and students so that they can make free and informed choices.

Health professionals training

The transmission of abortion techniques must be integrated into the education of medical professionals

Abortion is a personal choice.

This freedom of choice must be protected.

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