Abortion is a fundamental right! Let’s make it a central issue of the elections to the European Parliament

➡️ On 28 September, let’s mobilise for abortion rights in Europe❗️

Access to abortion is under threat all over the world and Europe is no exception. Bans and restrictions on abortion are a serious attack on women’s sexual health, autonomy of decision and rights.

In 2023, we must dare to say that a country that restricts the right to abortion is neither democratic nor does abide with the rule of law!

It is therefore essential to create a solidarity movement between the EU Member States before the 2024 elections in order to send a common message about the risks of degradation of fundamental rights, enshrined in the EU Charter and the Lisbon Treaty.

Together, let us make our voices heard and affirm that abortion is an essential human right to guarantee women’s equality, dignity and freedom.

We stand in solidarity with women around the world and join the WHO in stating that “access to safe abortion is a crucial component of health care”.

✊🏽 On 28 September, let’s stand together for the right to abortion for all women❗️

➡️ Website in FR/EN/NDLS : https://28sept.abortionright.eu/en/international-safe-abortion-day/

➡️ More information coming soon❗️

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