About us

The right to abortion remains a matter of international and daily concern.
You can sign the Charter of the Platform for Abortion Rights on the ‘I join in’ tab.
This web site proposes a press review where you can find links and references of a maximum of articles regarding abortion issues worldwide.
Because getting informed is already participating!

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The partner associations in the platform to defend the abortion rights are:

  • CAL – Centre d’Action Laïque
  • Centre du Libre Examen
  • Centre Séverine
  • Comité belge Ni putes Ni Soumises asbl
  • Conseil des Femmes Francophone de Belgique (CFFB)
  • deMens.nu – Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen vzw
  • Fédération des Centres de Planning et de Consultations
  • Fédération des Centres de Planning Familial de FPS
  • Fédération des Centres Pluralistes de Planning Familial
  • Fédération laïque de centres de Planning familia
  • Garance
  • LUNA
  • Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien – MOC
  • Mutualité Socialiste
  • Nederlandstalige Vrouwen Raad (NVR)
  • R.A.P.P.E.L (fr/nl)
  • Sensoa
  • Université des femmes
  • VIVA-Socialistische Vrouwen Vereniging
  • VOK, Vrouwen Overleg Komitee
  • Vrijzinnige Vrouwen Oost-Vlaanderen

Why are we rallying?

The right to abortion, the freedom of choice for women whether to continue with a pregnancy or not, is a vested right. We refuse its reappraisal.

However, vigilance prevails:

  1. In Belgium, in 2010, 2000 people marched against abortion. In 2011, their number nearly reached 3000.
  2. All over the world, such movements are thriving
  3. In Europe, some countries still do not acknowledge abortion rights (Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland) or take a backward step (Hungary).
  4. Without forgetting the situation in other countries, where abortion’s medical conditions are far from being optimal, the means granted are small as, for that matter, the professionnal consideration towards the people involved,…

« Anti-abortion » movements may seem marginal but they do get attention in the medias, in Parliaments, which emphasize them. They are organized and supported by powerful lobbies.

We would like to put a vigilance and action platform in place in order to safeguard the upholding of our vested rights, to safegard the abortion rights and the freedom of choice. We must rally so as to show the anti-abortion views as they are: an unacceptable backward step!

If you are outraged by the threats weighing on the abortion rights and you would like:

  1. To rally to maintain our vested rights;
  2. To be involved into a vigilance platform on a Belgian and European scale;
  3. To take part to an annual action day

Then join us by clicking in « I join in »!

* Avec le soutien de l’Institut pour l’Egalité des Femmes et des Hommes et de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles