Merle Hoffman: ‘This is about every woman, it affects all of us’

The Guardian – The woman who opened one of the first US abortion clinics recounts her role in the 40-year fight for a woman&#39;s right to choose in a new book. Merle Hoffman, who opened a clinic providing abortions before they became legal across America, talks about her career as a battle. &quot;This is a full-frontal war on women and I&#39;ve been in this war for over 40 years. I&#39;ve seen it change its tactics &ndash; it was a guerrilla war, then my friend Tiller was killed. The only thing that amazed me when it started this time round was how open it was, it used to be a subtle attack, but now it&#39;s very direct.&quot; (…) &quot;The abortion issue is a tremendously nuanced and complicated one. It brings up so many different parts of how we see ourselves in the world and in society, life, the meaning of life. That&#39;s why it has to be so profoundly personal. Women are the only ones &hellip; ultimately the decision has to rest with&nbsp;them.&quot; <a href="" target="_blank">Lire la suite</a></p>